Do you have questions about building your new home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Wilson’s Beach Estates. 

Have a question but don’t see it listed here? No problem. Reach out to info(at)wilsonsbeachestates.net and we’ll promptly respond to your inquiry.

Are there trails near the development?

Wilson’s Beach Estates has incorporated a paved trail system throughout the development, perfect for a relaxing stroll, jog or bike ride. And as the community grows, so will the trails!

Can I get to the lake from the trails?

A scenic public trail will take you from your doorstep to Gull Lake in under 10 minutes on foot. If you’re on wheels, you’ll be there in no time!

Is there a boat launch nearby?

Absolutely. There are various boat launches you can access around Gull Lake, however you’ll find the closest one at Wilson's Beach Campground, about 1.5km away from the development. Aye, aye, captain.

How much will the taxes be?

Where does the water come from?

Non-Drinking Water:
A common well beside the water treatment plant (behind Lot 24) supplies water to the development. The treatment plant is carefully monitored and maintained. Chlorine is added and water is delivered to the homes by a common distribution system. 

Drinking Water:
A Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for drinking water is required to reduce the fluoride as per WBE agreement with Alberta Environment. The RO unit will be installed in the composting room so the utility company can maintain and replace the units as needed.

What will the WBE utility rates be? What do they cover?

  1. WBE utilities cover water and wastewater (black and grey) and the maintenance and eventual replacement of the systems in the future, see more information on this in the next question.
  2. The total cost of utilities will depend on the size of your family and usage (who needs A/C when you can hop in the lake and cool down anyways?), and the cost will be in line with Lacombe County comparables.
  3. New home owners who are in the development early will NOT pay a premium in order for the developer to make up costs. The early bird gets the discount!

How does the waste system work and who takes care of it?

The houses use vacuum flush toilets and composting bins. The black water from toilets goes into the compost bin and leachate tanks. Each leachate tank is emptied approximately once a year, depending on the amount of use and the compost bin gets emptied every 4-5 years, also depending on use.  

The greywater from sinks, tubs and showers goes through a filtration process and ends up at a dispersal field at the back of the property

Ownership and Responsibility

Composting system: the Utility company owns this system and is responsible for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement downstream from the vacuum pump.

Greywater system: The Utility company owns this system and is responsible for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of this system downstream from the outside of the house. 

Toilets (microflush vacuum model), vacuum pumps, and toilet drain lines to the vacuum pumps are owned by the homeowner who is responsible for their maintenance, repair, and replacement.

What is the ‘Compost Room’?

The compost room is a separate room of the house with access only from an exterior door that houses the compost bin, leachate tanks and RO system. 

What is my initial cost to build the septic system? And who takes care of it?

The current cost to build the septic system (greywater field, compost unit and vacuum toilet package) is about $60,000. At this time, the cost to the property owner will be capped at $40,000 + GST (for up to 3 toilets) and the remaining amount subsidized by the developer. 

We will supply the design of the system, the materials, and hire a certified septic installer. You’ll never have to worry about the maintenance of the system, as it is the responsibility of WBE once it’s completed. This is why it’s important for WBE to have oversight of the materials and installation. Let us take care of the dirty work while you focus on whether you’d like to go to the beach before, or after lunch. Tough decisions!

Are there Homeowners Association Fees?

Nope! Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Is temporary housing allowed, such as an RV?

WBE allows temporary housing behind the home under construction, only when construction has commenced. RV parking on lots for extended periods of time before and/or after construction is not permitted.

Can I build a shop or other accessory building?

You can add an additional building on your property, up to 1200 SF and within the architectural guidelines.

Can I take down trees on my lot?

You bet. We know that to allow for your home, outdoor space and secondary building, some will have to go! However, in order to preserve the natural beauty of the development, there are guidelines to how much of your lot may be cleared.  A non-treed lot will give you more flexibility!

Do I need to build a fence?

Only if you’re Wilson from Home Improvement. Otherwise, having a fence is not required. We are currently working on guidelines for those who do wish to build a fence. They will be in line with guidelines in other developments in the county.

What are the Architectural Guidelines?

Here is the PDF link!

We encourage you to contact us with your design ideas early. Start building your dream life at Wilson’s Beach Estates today!