Designed with nature in mind, Wilson’s Beach Estates has incorporated thoughtful & environmentally-friendly elements into the landscaping of the properties, as well as the systems within each home.

Toilets and Septic Systems

While not everyone is interested in toilet talk, Wilson’s Beach Estates is proud to incorporate a septic system within each home that minimizes its impact on the environment. With Gull Lake being the heart of the development, and home to so much diverse wildlife, it is in the best interest of everyone living in the area to protect the lake. That is why the development has incorporated a leachate tank system into each property that minimizes the impact on Gull Lake. Unlike typical septic field systems that have vacuum trucks pumping out waste once a month, the leachate tank only needs to be emptied about once a year (depending on the size of the household). Less trucks means less pollution, and the leachate tanks protect the lake and ensure it’s use for everyone for many years to come.


Many of the properties have been lined with trees that will grow to provide shade and beauty for years to come. Lots situated near the perimeter of the development have the benefit of many mature trees surrounding the property which help to shelter the homes from the elements.

Building Practices

As the preferred builders of the development, Veldhuisen Construction takes its environmental accountability seriously. For more information on the environmentally practises and materials used by Veldhuisen Construction, reach out to them here: www.veldhuisen.ca